Thank you Dr. Rogers for the time you spend going to seminars and increasing your skills as a Doctor of Chiropractic.

Your recent seminar on adjusting extremities has really helped me. The new techniques you used on my shoulder worked like a miracle! My shoulder has been pain free and fully mobile for the first time in years.

– Kathy Arnold

I’m a mom and expecting my third child. I was told at 36 weeks pregnant that my baby was in the breech position and that I could elect to have an external cephalic version procedure done at the hospital where my Obstetrician would manually try to move my baby by pressing on areas of my abdomen. My husband and I elected not to do the procedure because it included risks that could cause fetal stress, placenta abruption and the possibility of an emergency c-section. My other choice was a planned c-section.

I saw Dr. Rogers to see if there was anything that chiropractic adjustments could do. Dr. Rogers explained that sometimes babies aren’t in the correct position because of lower back and sacral misalignment caused by extra weight of baby and fluid. When the sacral area is out of alignment, it can inhibit baby’s ability from getting in the best position for birth (head-down). He recommended that I come to get adjusted a couple times per week to see if we could get baby to move. There were no risks to baby or me in trying.

Immediately, after the first adjustment, I noticed that my hips and back didn’t hurt as much as before. I was even able to sleep longer without waking from hip or back pain. The day after my second adjustment I was scheduled for an ultrasound. I found out that my baby had moved from the breech to the head-down position. I’m so happy and relieved that I will be able to deliver naturally and not have a c-section. I will continue to get adjusted until I deliver because even though my baby is in the right position, the adjustments have made such a difference in how I feel. I can go about normal daily activities without so much hip pain and I’m sleeping so much better than before because of less pain.

– Amanda Norris

This Stuff Works! I had been doing two types of physical therapy and had basically reached a plateau. I then started seeing Dr. Rogers and he worked with some of the underlying bone misalignments that were holding up the healing process.

The things I like about Dr. Rogers are…

1) He’s a smart guy. He doesn’t think that chiropractic will solve all of you problems, but it may help a significant number of them.

2) He is willing to work with other practitioners (e.g. Physical Therapists) to create a customized program that works for your specific problems.

– Jim Bedor

I want to thank you for taking such good care of me. I have several herniated discs in my neck and back and I suffer with chronic pain. You have given me great relief.

I can’t thank you enough. It’s reassuring to me, knowing that you have the knowledge and expertise where I can find some relief.

I also want to thank Cheryl and Rachael for always being so accommodating and making me feel comfortable. You are truly a Doctor with a giving heart!

– Lisa Barnabo

I was experiencing constant and severe discomfort in my backside. I had a consultation with Dr. Rogers and he immediately found the source of the pain in pinched nerve and crooked spine. I was planning to run in the annual, “Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot,” but with such discomfort, I was unsure if I would be able to compete. After my first adjustment, I was able to run the race 2 days later…Pain Free!!

I attended the Monday evening class because chiropractic was foreign to me. I was relieved to learn that the overall goal is to be able to allow me to continue running, which is my source of exercise and stress relief. I listened to the doctor, heeded his treatment schedule, maintaining weekly appointments, and am now running long distances without any reservation or pain.

I have learned a great deal through this experience about how my body works and the importance of water as well as stretching. Through the patience and diligence of Dr. Rogers, I feel so much better and look forward to my visits!

The staff is extremely friendly and caring. I leave feeling refreshed and happy.

Thank you for what you have done and continue to do.

– Sandy Ballew

Dear Dr. Rogers,

When all the medical doctors said nothing was wrong with me and sent me home without the use of my legs, I lost all hope of ever walking again. You took a big chance with me and did a favor for a friend. On my first visit I came in a wheel chair I could not walk. My feet got warm as soon as I left your office after they had been cold for a month. When I woke up the next day I could even move my toes!

A couple more adjustments I was up in a walker. A few more I was on crutches. Since then, I have made so much progress. I’ve been to so many different doctors who just fed me pills to hide the pain that bound me to that cane.

Another two weeks and the atrophy would have taken my legs for sure. I want to sincerely thank you for taking a chance with me and saving my legs. Today I’m going to walk into your office on my own, without the cane and deliver this letter of the most sincere appreciation – Thank you Dr. Rogers!


Deirdre Foley